12V Max Cordless Pocket Reciprocating Saw – Bosch Bare-Tool PS60BN

Lightweight, Versatile and Easy to Use

Don’t waste time looking any further. This reciprocating saw does what it says and more. With a good speed, sure operation and light weight you can get your job done and move on with the rest of your project.

Use for just about any cutting job

There is nothing worse than getting a new tool just to find out you cannot use it for the reason you bought it. For example, a reciprocating saw when you try to cut PVC. All that is left is a sticky saw and melted plastic. That will not happen with the Bosch Bare-Tool. The tool can cut a variety (and a big variety) of materials, especially the ones you actually use. If you have a sudden freeze and find that your copper pipes are frozen, there is a good chance you will be dealing with burst pipes. With the Bosch Bare-Tool you can cut right into that copper no problem. Cut your pipe, slip in the replacement and do your soldering.

Does not get in your way

One of the features that stands out the most about the Bare-Tool is the wire-free capability. Do not worry about where your project is even if it is in a powerless area or a hard to reach spot. You will not even need to worry about forgetting and extension cord. The Bosch Bare-Tool can accept a 12-volt Lithium Ion (Li-on) battery which is mighty powerful for a tool of this size. So, battery up, go to your job and get it done, no strings attached.

Speed is your choice

A real bonus of this reciprocating saw is the variable speed. If you have ever used a drill to put a screw in and had only one speed you know how quickly you can rip the head off and find yourself in a pickle. You can slow-start your cut, establish the grain and then apply speed as necessary. This is also great for materials that might need cutting at a lower temperature. The slower the speed, the cooler the work.

Finally,for the workplace tool users, the Bosch Bare-Tool reciprocating saw features an inlay tray for one-click stack-ability. Bosch users know what that is because the stacking of tools makes for easy transportation to from and around the work site. If you want a quality, lightweight and versatile reciprocating saw that has portability written all over it, this one is the choice you want.


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