Everything You Need to Know About Pressure Washers

An electric pressure washer is known to boost serious water pressure up to 1000-4000 pounds per square inch (PSI). Electric pressure washers do come in several classification types. One needs to familiarize themselves with the different classifications so that one does not end up purchasing an electric pressure washer classification type that you do not need. Some of required functions include: light work such as spraying the side walk or the deck, washing a car, kennels, washing mold off physical surfaces, and sidings which may require more power.

Basic Classifications

The electric wall-mount is known mainly for stationary cleaning needs. Simply plug it to the wall and wash away. Having access to the necessary electrical capabilities such as a 220-volt or phase 3 powers may be required. An electric source within 35 feet is required. Understanding cleaning power units is mandatory. Cleaning power units involve multiplying pounds per square inch by the gallons per minute. In most cases, the total of 6000 to 8000 cleaning units is adequate.

Electric hot or cold water

One must determine what they will be washing. If one is mostly dealing with oily surfaces, grease or stubborn stains then the best choice would be an electric hot water washer. Hot water does have the benefit of decreased timing during the process, activating chemicals found in the detergents, and better sanitize areas. A hot water pressure washer is more effective with the use of a coil that is half inch in diameter or more. Narrower coils tend to reduce the effectiveness of the machine.

Portable or stationary electric pressure washers

A portable washer is more convenient when cleaning multiple areas. Due to the heavy top they do rely on rubber tires to roll around. A stationary pressure washer would be more convenient if one is confined to one room, however, the maintenance and upkeep is more costly.

One should familiarize themselves with safety features regardless of the pressure they choose. Safety features that matter include the following: An auto shut off switch will turn the heat source off when there is no water supply. One has complete control over the water jet when using a trigger gun. A thermostat gives complete control of the temperature. The availability of a float tank prevents water contamination. A ground fault interrupter prevents unexpected power spikes that are popular in electric pressure washers. Take time to research the item that you will be purchasing in order to maximize your satisfaction.

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