Garden Weeder: Take Gardening Work Lying Down

Manual garden weeders are an excellent tool for any home or garden owner to have in their arsenal. Choosing a great garden weeder can help make gardening easier, more enjoyable, and the work faster. When choosing a garden weeder, it is important to look at the ease of use, the flexibility, and the amount of work that it can help accomplish.

Fiskars Uproot Weed and Root Remover

This 40 inch weeder helps reduce the need for getting on the ground when trying to take care of a garden or yard. It has four stainless steel claws that are excellent for grabbing dandelions and thistles out of a garden. It also includes and easy-eject button to reduce the need for bending over.

Fiskars 3 Claw Garden Weeder

At 39 inches, this weeder is perfect for people who do not want to have to kneel while gardening. It has three strong, stainless steel claws and an eject mechanism for quickly eliminating weeds and their roots from a garden. The foot platform allows the weeder to reach far into the ground to grab even the peskiest of roots.

Gardena Garden Hand Weeder

This easy to use tool that will fit right into your gardening belt is a must-have for any sidewalk owner. The thin, stainless steel blade fits right into the cracks of sidewalks, bricks or pavers. It is lightweight, compact, and it truly gets the job done with non slip hand grips.

KNK Ars Weeding Sickle

Simplicity, strength, and ease are a few things that come to mind with this hand weeder. It is small, simple, and contains only the basics for weeding a garden and getting deep into the cracks. It has a super sharp blade, a tough wooden handle, and a blade made out of high quality carbon steel.

CobraHead Weeder and Cultivator

As more than just a weeding tool, this multipurpose implement is excellent for gardeners who truly wish to get the job done. It is able to dig, weed, and plant. Works great for transplanting plants and allows for easy weeding with a carbon steel blade.

From pole weeders to handheld weeders, having one to help with gardening is a definite necessity. The best all have sharp blades that help to reach deep down and get the weeds. All weeders are perfect for anyone who does not want to hand-dig the weeds and the pole models are great for people who do not wish to bend over while they are weeding.

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