How to Pick the Perfect Leaf Blower

If you have a large area covered with trees in your garden or backyard, then leaf blowers are necessary to remove the leaves and debris. They remove the leaves fast and also are comparatively less laborious. Two types of blowers are most popular-backpack mounted and handheld leaf blowers. Apart from removing the leaves these blowers are also utilized for efficiently completing different outdoor cleaning tasks. They are a must for homes and offices with trees and garden.

  1. Handheld electric blowers are very powerful for completing big jobs. However, to operate them you require power outlet within 100 feet from the operation area.
  2. Gas handheld leaf blowers can be carried anywhere but they add weight and make more noise than is acceptable. In certain areas, there are specific restrictions on the noise decibels beyond which you may have to face wrath and complaint from your neighborhood. Moreover, the gas blowers are high on maintenance and also require fueling.
  3. Cordless electric blowers are less powerful than the gas blowers are.
  4. Backpack gas blowers are costlier than the handheld blowers but are less costly than the cordless electric blowers and give more power when you transfer the weight from your back to arms and then to the shoulders.
  5. Wheeled blowers are the most powerful but they require lot of space and are very tough to control and push. Moreover, they are the costliest of all the blowers.

Types of Leaf Blowers

Leaf blowers that operate on gas are the fastest options for clearing a garden full of leaves. But they have a tendency to make lot of noise especially if they are high capacity blowers used for blowing yards beyond 100 feet. On the other hand, electric leaf blowers with cords are better for most of the homes if the yard is within 100 feet. Nowadays cordless electric blowers are also available that can be used for largely spaced yards without making much noise. However, the only drawback is that these blowers run on limited life battery and require regular recharging. In addition, they are comparatively pricey than the gas blowers.

Things to Consider While Buying

First, you should get details about the law in your area. In some areas such as California, gas blowers are prohibited while elsewhere in America they are banned even if you have a quieter version of blowers. To know which model is acceptable in your area contact your community base or the Noise pollution clearing house and then check the limitations for 50-foot noise.

Now when you consider all these rules and buy only those products that are adjudged excellent or very good according to your area limits. You should also keep in mind your requirement-if you have a small area, you can do with a leaf blower with less capacity and vice versa.

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