It’s Electric Snow Blower! No Gas, No Problem – Look at the GreenWorks 26032 Thrower

Electric Snow BlowerIf you’re tired of emptying your wallet into a gas-powered snow thrower, GreenWorks has a solution with its line of electric snow blowers. The largest is the GreenWorks 26032 12 Amp 20″ Corded Snow Thrower.


The blades on the auger itself are steel to cut through snow and ice. The electric snow blower is capable of removing snow up to 10 inches deep, which is perfect for dealing with those big snow falls. This isn’t the machine you’ll want to clear an entire parking lot or even a long driveway, but it will work well for patios and porches, walkways and sidewalks that are within range of the cord.

The smaller path and blades make this a lighter machine, which is ideal if you have difficulty pushing larger gas snow throwers. This snow thrower weighs just 35 pounds. The compact design allows you to more easily remove snow from awkward areas that larger snow blowers might not be able to reach, too. Perhaps your patio wraps around your home.

The smaller size doesn’t mean that the snow thrower is less adequate at moving the snow, either. The chute has a range of 20 to 25 feet. A crank allows you to change the direction of the throw’s shoot so you don’t need to turn around to finish wide paths.

Who Would But This

Anyone who needs to remove snow but doesn’t want to break their back or the bank to do so would buy this. Instead of powering the slow thrower with gasoline, this one simply plugs in. At 12 amps, it runs on the same amount of power as a vacuum cleaner. You can wind up the cord for storage just like you would your vacuum machine. It’s quiet, too, thanks to the electric motor. You won’ have to worry about waking the family up when you’re removing snow in the early morning. Larger back wheels help provide stability and maneuverability, which is important when moving through thick snow and slippery ice. This snow thrower can make those sharp turns to remove as much snow as possible. The 20-inch path this clears is narrower, but the snow thrower is easy enough to maneuver thanks to the 180-degree turn radius so that clearing wider areas really isn’t a big deal.

If you have a small area to clear of snow and want a small snow thrower that’s easy to push and store, this machine is meant for you.

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