Garden Weeder: Take Gardening Work Lying Down

Manual garden weeders are an excellent tool for any home or garden owner to have in their arsenal. Choosing a great garden weeder can help make gardening easier, more enjoyable, and the work faster. When choosing a garden weeder, it is important to look at the ease of use, the flexibility, and the amount of work that it can help accomplish.

Fiskars Uproot Weed and Root Remover

This 40 inch weeder helps reduce the need for getting on the ground when trying to take care of a garden or yard. It has four stainless steel claws that are excellent for grabbing dandelions and thistles out of a garden. It also includes and easy-eject button to reduce the need for bending over.

Fiskars 3 Claw Garden Weeder

At 39 inches, this weeder is perfect for people who do not want to have to kneel while gardening. It has three strong, stainless steel claws and an eject mechanism for quickly eliminating weeds and their roots from a garden. The foot platform allows the weeder to reach far into the ground to grab even the peskiest of roots.

Gardena Garden Hand Weeder

This easy to use tool that will fit right into your gardening belt is a must-have for any sidewalk owner. The thin, stainless steel blade fits right into the cracks of sidewalks, bricks or pavers. It is lightweight, compact, and it truly gets the job done with non slip hand grips.

KNK Ars Weeding Sickle

Simplicity, strength, and ease are a few things that come to mind with this hand weeder. It is small, simple, and contains only the basics for weeding a garden and getting deep into the cracks. It has a super sharp blade, a tough wooden handle, and a blade made out of high quality carbon steel.

CobraHead Weeder and Cultivator

As more than just a weeding tool, this multipurpose implement is excellent for gardeners who truly wish to get the job done. It is able to dig, weed, and plant. Works great for transplanting plants and allows for easy weeding with a carbon steel blade.

From pole weeders to handheld weeders, having one to help with gardening is a definite necessity. The best all have sharp blades that help to reach deep down and get the weeds. All weeders are perfect for anyone who does not want to hand-dig the weeds and the pole models are great for people who do not wish to bend over while they are weeding.

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Black & Decker MM1800 Eco-Friendly Corded Electric Push Lawn Mowe

Black & Decker MM1800 Eco-Friendly Corded Electric Push Lawn Mowe

With gas prices going higher and higher every summer one comes to terms with the fact that there may need to be places they cut out use of gasoline. One easy place to do that is to switch from a gas powered mower to the electric powered Black & Decker MM1800 18- Inch12 amp Corded Electric Lawn Mower. No battery is used in this mower as well, which is good because replacement of a 150 dollar battery every two or three years really doesn’t save any money from switching away from gas.

18-Inch Deck Size

The 18 inch deck gives you an easy portable mower that you can use to get around those sharp tight corners near the end of your yard.

Easy Storage

The Black & Decker MM1800 18-inch 12 amp Corded Electric Lawn Mower folds down for easy storage and can save room in your shed for the other tools needed to help keep your lawn and garden looking best in neighborhood. The mower is equipped with a one-touch blade height adjustment, making it easy to change how short to cut your grass.

Lightweight Design

This mower weighs only 46 pounds and is designed with ease of use in mind. This lightweight mower will make pushing the mower less of a pain on the back as you mow your yard.

Corded 12 Amp Motor

The 12 amp motor in the Black & Decker MM1800 means that this mower will have plenty of power to mow your lawn mow after mow for years. A corded mower saves the need of a battery or gas which are both highly expensive to replace.

2-Year Limited Warranty

The mower comes with a 2 year limited warranty which also covers rear bag assembly and mulch plug,

It’s Electric Snow Blower! No Gas, No Problem – Look at the GreenWorks 26032 Thrower

Electric Snow BlowerIf you’re tired of emptying your wallet into a gas-powered snow thrower, GreenWorks has a solution with its line of electric snow blowers. The largest is the GreenWorks 26032 12 Amp 20″ Corded Snow Thrower.


The blades on the auger itself are steel to cut through snow and ice. The electric snow blower is capable of removing snow up to 10 inches deep, which is perfect for dealing with those big snow falls. This isn’t the machine you’ll want to clear an entire parking lot or even a long driveway, but it will work well for patios and porches, walkways and sidewalks that are within range of the cord.

The smaller path and blades make this a lighter machine, which is ideal if you have difficulty pushing larger gas snow throwers. This snow thrower weighs just 35 pounds. The compact design allows you to more easily remove snow from awkward areas that larger snow blowers might not be able to reach, too. Perhaps your patio wraps around your home.

The smaller size doesn’t mean that the snow thrower is less adequate at moving the snow, either. The chute has a range of 20 to 25 feet. A crank allows you to change the direction of the throw’s shoot so you don’t need to turn around to finish wide paths.

Who Would But This

Anyone who needs to remove snow but doesn’t want to break their back or the bank to do so would buy this. Instead of powering the slow thrower with gasoline, this one simply plugs in. At 12 amps, it runs on the same amount of power as a vacuum cleaner. You can wind up the cord for storage just like you would your vacuum machine. It’s quiet, too, thanks to the electric motor. You won’ have to worry about waking the family up when you’re removing snow in the early morning. Larger back wheels help provide stability and maneuverability, which is important when moving through thick snow and slippery ice. This snow thrower can make those sharp turns to remove as much snow as possible. The 20-inch path this clears is narrower, but the snow thrower is easy enough to maneuver thanks to the 180-degree turn radius so that clearing wider areas really isn’t a big deal.

If you have a small area to clear of snow and want a small snow thrower that’s easy to push and store, this machine is meant for you.

Types of gas snowblowers

How to Snow Blow Your Driveway

How to Pick the Perfect Leaf Blower

If you have a large area covered with trees in your garden or backyard, then leaf blowers are necessary to remove the leaves and debris. They remove the leaves fast and also are comparatively less laborious. Two types of blowers are most popular-backpack mounted and handheld leaf blowers. Apart from removing the leaves these blowers are also utilized for efficiently completing different outdoor cleaning tasks. They are a must for homes and offices with trees and garden.

  1. Handheld electric blowers are very powerful for completing big jobs. However, to operate them you require power outlet within 100 feet from the operation area.
  2. Gas handheld leaf blowers can be carried anywhere but they add weight and make more noise than is acceptable. In certain areas, there are specific restrictions on the noise decibels beyond which you may have to face wrath and complaint from your neighborhood. Moreover, the gas blowers are high on maintenance and also require fueling.
  3. Cordless electric blowers are less powerful than the gas blowers are.
  4. Backpack gas blowers are costlier than the handheld blowers but are less costly than the cordless electric blowers and give more power when you transfer the weight from your back to arms and then to the shoulders.
  5. Wheeled blowers are the most powerful but they require lot of space and are very tough to control and push. Moreover, they are the costliest of all the blowers.

Types of Leaf Blowers

Leaf blowers that operate on gas are the fastest options for clearing a garden full of leaves. But they have a tendency to make lot of noise especially if they are high capacity blowers used for blowing yards beyond 100 feet. On the other hand, electric leaf blowers with cords are better for most of the homes if the yard is within 100 feet. Nowadays cordless electric blowers are also available that can be used for largely spaced yards without making much noise. However, the only drawback is that these blowers run on limited life battery and require regular recharging. In addition, they are comparatively pricey than the gas blowers.

Things to Consider While Buying

First, you should get details about the law in your area. In some areas such as California, gas blowers are prohibited while elsewhere in America they are banned even if you have a quieter version of blowers. To know which model is acceptable in your area contact your community base or the Noise pollution clearing house and then check the limitations for 50-foot noise.

Now when you consider all these rules and buy only those products that are adjudged excellent or very good according to your area limits. You should also keep in mind your requirement-if you have a small area, you can do with a leaf blower with less capacity and vice versa.

Online Get Cheap Cordless Angle Grinder

If you’re working on grand construction projects with the proper skills and the “know-how,” then you might be using a heavy-duty corded grinder for a majority of your work. But especially someone like you might appreciate the fact that there are times when your projects simply can’t be easily done when that cord, weight and size are in your way. Truly, whether you’re a skilled construction professional, or an artist whose studio might look just like a construction site, or just an amateur enjoying “what not” type of projects anywhere and everywhere, its hard to get by without a light in size and weight -but powerful, cordless angle grinder.

The best advice out there before buying one is to determine the type of project that you will be using it for, and then look for one that matches. The following is a list of five cordless angle grinders of comparable weight and size offered by top of the line, recognizable power tool companies. We saved you the trouble of research and put together a list of those that have the absolute highest accolades on Amazon, and then described them shortly according to the kinds of jobs they would be used for.

1) Makita BGA452Z 18-Volt LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless 4-1/2-Inch Cut-Off/Angle Grinder. This machine sports a compact, ergonomic design at 12-1/2 inches long and weighs only 5.3 lbs. With 10,000 RPM, it is built to use for heavier duty projects. Those in the construction profession who need to cut heavier materials would especially appreciate this machine.

2) DEWALT D28402K 4-1/2-Inch Small-Angle Grinder Kit. Depending on what your priorities in choosing a cordless angle grinder, if power and cost are at the top of your list, then this product is a great choice. With an 11,000 rpm motor, this tool is designed for rapid material removal as it has a built-in overload protection, which comes in handy with heavier duty assignments.

3) PORTER-CABLE Bare-Tool PC18AG 18-Volt Cordless Expansion Angle Grinder. At 6.8 pounds, 15.2 x 6.1 x 5.8 inches, features a three-position side handle so you can cut in different positions. Generally, this tool is for a multitude of projects, but it is best for lighter work.

4) Dewalt DCG412B 20V MAX* Lithium Ion 4-1/2″ Cut-Off Tool. This power tool delivers plenty of power to use for various projects from any that require a smaller tool, to heavier duty jobs. Dewalt constructed this machine especially for electricians. However, they recommend it to mechanical workers and ironworkers who might need it for cutting as part of their assignment.

5) Bare-Tool Milwaukee 2680-20 18-Volt M18 4-1/2-Inch Cut-off/Grinder. If you like to work at nighttime, this angle grinder is on the quiet side. The word around (Amazon) town is that this tool is best to be used for lighter jobs, and that the battery life is nothing to call home about. Otherwise, a great tool that does the job very well. If you’re a novice at your craft, you might appreciate the “taking it easy” factor, and this would make a great tool to have.

All of the above cordless angle grinders are great tools, with high ratings. If you want to minimize frustration, its best to choose the one that best suits the type of work you’re going to use it for. With that being said, you can’t go wrong with neither one of these.

Tool Power 101: Cordless vs. Corded – How to Choose?

Everything You Need to Know About Pressure Washers

An electric pressure washer is known to boost serious water pressure up to 1000-4000 pounds per square inch (PSI). Electric pressure washers do come in several classification types. One needs to familiarize themselves with the different classifications so that one does not end up purchasing an electric pressure washer classification type that you do not need. Some of required functions include: light work such as spraying the side walk or the deck, washing a car, kennels, washing mold off physical surfaces, and sidings which may require more power.

Basic Classifications

The electric wall-mount is known mainly for stationary cleaning needs. Simply plug it to the wall and wash away. Having access to the necessary electrical capabilities such as a 220-volt or phase 3 powers may be required. An electric source within 35 feet is required. Understanding cleaning power units is mandatory. Cleaning power units involve multiplying pounds per square inch by the gallons per minute. In most cases, the total of 6000 to 8000 cleaning units is adequate.

Electric hot or cold water

One must determine what they will be washing. If one is mostly dealing with oily surfaces, grease or stubborn stains then the best choice would be an electric hot water washer. Hot water does have the benefit of decreased timing during the process, activating chemicals found in the detergents, and better sanitize areas. A hot water pressure washer is more effective with the use of a coil that is half inch in diameter or more. Narrower coils tend to reduce the effectiveness of the machine.

Portable or stationary electric pressure washers

A portable washer is more convenient when cleaning multiple areas. Due to the heavy top they do rely on rubber tires to roll around. A stationary pressure washer would be more convenient if one is confined to one room, however, the maintenance and upkeep is more costly.

One should familiarize themselves with safety features regardless of the pressure they choose. Safety features that matter include the following: An auto shut off switch will turn the heat source off when there is no water supply. One has complete control over the water jet when using a trigger gun. A thermostat gives complete control of the temperature. The availability of a float tank prevents water contamination. A ground fault interrupter prevents unexpected power spikes that are popular in electric pressure washers. Take time to research the item that you will be purchasing in order to maximize your satisfaction.

Things to Know Before Buying a Cordless Power Drill

A cordless drill is best for those who are new to DIY projects. Cordless drills are less powerful than corded ones but are more lightweight, easy to use and safe, and can be used just about everywhere. Cordless drills are useful for almost all drilling tasks, and are quite the viable choice. It comes with many features; this article will guide you to get the best out of your Cordless Drill.

Be sure you’re comfortable in using the drill

The drill should be like an extension of your hand. Imagine how it would feel using the drill for hours, if it would be comfortable. Also make sure that the controls are simple, check to see if the forward and reverse, and high or low speed settings are convenient to use.

Cordless drills are available in different kinds of hand styles. The T-hand style stands as the most popular one in use; it distributes the drill’s weight for better stability lessening any stress on the user’s wrists. There the right-angle version of hand style, which is preferably used where space is limited.

The drill’s power

A cordless drill’s power is measure in bolts. The voltage of cordless drills usually range from 2-20 volts, higher voltage means a heavier drill, so put in mind that the drill you would want to buy fills most of your needs. Common models usually are in the 12 to 18 volt range, these usually meet the work needed by the user.

Where and how you want to use the drill

The speeds at which the drill must work at depend on the material you’re using it on. Harder materials need larger bits that have to be worked on lower speeds, and softer materials that need smaller bits are used at higher drill speeds. Look for drills with a variable speed setting, it allows the user to control at which the speed the bit is going.

Take to consideration an adjustable clutch feature in the drill. The clutch can help the screw drill holes at a consistent depth. Adjusted properly on similar material, the clutch can keep you from drilling holes to deep; this feature is really useful for beginners. With an adjustable clutch, the possibility of stripping a screw head or snapping it off is reduced altogether.

Cordless drills batteries

Cordless drills commonly have two types of batteries, these are: Nicke Cadmion (NiCd) and Lithium Ion (Li-lon). NiCd is compatible with most of existing battery charges. Li-Ion batteries though are lighter and smaller.

Make sure to buy a charger for your drill if one isn’t included already. Corded drill depend on their battery for power, so make sure to choose a good and lasting battery along with a reliable charger.

Before You Buy a Stand Mixer

12V Max Cordless Pocket Reciprocating Saw – Bosch Bare-Tool PS60BN

Lightweight, Versatile and Easy to Use

Don’t waste time looking any further. This reciprocating saw does what it says and more. With a good speed, sure operation and light weight you can get your job done and move on with the rest of your project.

Use for just about any cutting job

There is nothing worse than getting a new tool just to find out you cannot use it for the reason you bought it. For example, a reciprocating saw when you try to cut PVC. All that is left is a sticky saw and melted plastic. That will not happen with the Bosch Bare-Tool. The tool can cut a variety (and a big variety) of materials, especially the ones you actually use. If you have a sudden freeze and find that your copper pipes are frozen, there is a good chance you will be dealing with burst pipes. With the Bosch Bare-Tool you can cut right into that copper no problem. Cut your pipe, slip in the replacement and do your soldering.

Does not get in your way

One of the features that stands out the most about the Bare-Tool is the wire-free capability. Do not worry about where your project is even if it is in a powerless area or a hard to reach spot. You will not even need to worry about forgetting and extension cord. The Bosch Bare-Tool can accept a 12-volt Lithium Ion (Li-on) battery which is mighty powerful for a tool of this size. So, battery up, go to your job and get it done, no strings attached.

Speed is your choice

A real bonus of this reciprocating saw is the variable speed. If you have ever used a drill to put a screw in and had only one speed you know how quickly you can rip the head off and find yourself in a pickle. You can slow-start your cut, establish the grain and then apply speed as necessary. This is also great for materials that might need cutting at a lower temperature. The slower the speed, the cooler the work.

Finally,for the workplace tool users, the Bosch Bare-Tool reciprocating saw features an inlay tray for one-click stack-ability. Bosch users know what that is because the stacking of tools makes for easy transportation to from and around the work site. If you want a quality, lightweight and versatile reciprocating saw that has portability written all over it, this one is the choice you want.

How to Buy the Best Cordless Electric Screwdriver


DIY tasks can be as much effort as they are fun, and an Electric screwdriver can make any project easier to accomplish, and should be a key part of any Do it yourself tool box.

However there are a lot of options and features to consider when buying an electric screwdriver. Prices can range from 5$ to hundreds of dollars. In this guide we will help you choose the best electric screwdriver to fit your budget and your needs.

Main Features of Various Screwdrivers

Basic electric screwdrivers

This is the basic electric screwdriver and looks much like a standard manual screwdriver, They don’t offer much power and are more for light tasks or for working in small spaces. With this option you may struggle to complete tougher jobs.

Drill driver

A good multi functional tool for those looking for a hand held cordless drill, and an electric screwdriver in one. They work with both drill bits and Screw bits and therefore perform both jobs. Since it eliminates the need for a drill it can save you a bit of money in the process.

Should I Go with Corded or Cordless?

As with most any power tools you will come across, Corded screwdrivers will be more powerful than the battery powered version however it may make it more difficult for you to use it in tight spaces.

Most cordless electric screwdrivers use a rechargeable battery. If it has a higher voltage it will give you more power which means you can get your project done in less time, since you won’t have to recharge as often. On the downside the higher the voltage the heavier the battery.

The more RPM’s a screwdriver has is it’s motors speed, more RPM’s means a faster screwdriver motor.

Variable Speed Options

Having the option to change the speed allows for better control over your projects and allows you to adapt your screwdriver to various materials and types of screws you may be working with. However all Electric screwdrivers have a reverse option standard for removing screws if required.

Torque control

Torque control, allows you to vary the rotation force of your electric screwdriver, which allows for greater control. The larger heavy screws may require more force than a lighter small screw as well which makes this very handy. It is also useful for getting screws “flush” with the surface you are working on.

Spindle lock option

Select screwdrivers allow you to lock the mechanism, therefore it can double as a manual screwdriver.

The Handle

Choosing a handle is important as you will be using this tool for many projects and comfort is key! Rubber grips and soft handles allow for a better grip and will help with tough projects.

Other accessories to choose from

There are a lot of extras that you can choose from when selecting a cordless screwdriver, choose the accessories you will use the most. for example if you do a lot of work in tight spaces some come with lights to help guide you and if you travel a lot consider one with a carrying case.