Post Hole Digger Machine

Whether your a farmer out fixing a cracked fencepost due to a hard winter frost, or the owner of small construction outfit, who just landed a large deck job needing six to eight holes for the support beams. There is one tool that is essential for making deep straight holes in the ground, a posthole digger. Like any tool, companies are always coming up with new and improved versions of earlier models, and 2016 is no different. Let’s take a look at five diggers brand new this year.

The first posthole digger we’ll review is the Fiskars Inch Steel Posthole digger. Right from start, you can see these are unique compared to the other for products. The poles are 16 gauge steel shafts, where as other the diggers are either fiberglass or wood. This stops the shafts from bending while using them. Now, being made of all steel it seems like weight may become an issue, but they are only half a pound heavier than the next heaviest, and three pounds heavier than the lightest. The off-set handles also allow you to dig 12 inches deeper than any other diggers. Fiskars seems to have gone to great lengths making an all metal digger which is consistent in weight with some of the fiberglass models.

Next is the Seymour Duncan Hercules Posthole Digger PD48, These are fiberglass handle digger, and weigh in at 11.8 pounds. Three pounds heavier than the two other fiberglass models. They do have an extra inch of spread at the shovel base which can provide you with more material per shovel. They are advertised as being geared more towards professional use because of their durable construction.

Here we have the Truper 34206 Tru Tough Atlas Pattern Posthole Digger. These weigh in at 7.4 pounds. A great deal lighter than the previous fiberglass diggers. Those in the landscape business will notice Truper as high quality durable tool producing company.

Now we have the only wooden handle diggers in the Seymour Promotional Posthole Digger. Theses also weigh 7.4 pounds. The shafts are made of square hardwood for durability, and have replaceable blades that are riveted to the thick yokes.

Last is the Bully Tools 92384 14 gauge 7 inch Posthole digger with fiberglass handle. 8.7 pounds in weight . The only difference in theses diggers is they have and 8 inch spread at the base of the blades.

In closing we have five new diggers that are all comparable in price except the Seymour wooden handle which are a bit cheaper. Weight is a big issue with these products because of the way they are used. Fiskars has also seemed to make the biggest leap in technology and innovation with their model.

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