The Ultimate Power Bank Charger Buying Guide

Almost everybody in the recent day owns a smart phones. Some smart phones work just like computers. Due to their portability, they are very suitable for business men. However, this smartphones have their weakness. Due to their extensive use throughout the day, they tend to consume a lot of power. Therefore, they need constant charging. Power banks are your next best friend when it comes to keeping your phone powered. They enable you charge your phone when you are not near a source of power. So you understand the necessity of a power bank.

Tips for Buying a Power Bank

Buying a power bank can be quite overwhelming. So many brands, designs and styles have taken over the market. Therefore, settling down on the ideal power bank cannot be easy. However, there these key things that you need to look out for in your power bank. They determine how well you power bank will serve you.


The first thing you look for in a power bank is their capacity. Capacity is measured in mAH. The capacity of your power bank should be equal to the mAH of your phone multiplied by the number of times that you would like to charge your phone in a day. However, when selecting your power bank, you should be careful to ensure that the capacity does not compromise on portability. The power bank should not have an overly large capacity, making it too big to carry around.

Number of Ports

Another major factor that you need to consider when buying a power bank is the number of output ports that the device has. Not everyone requires to have a power bank with multiple ports. The number of ports should be adjacent to the number of devices that you think you might have to charge simultaneously. However, you should be willing to incur an extra cost to have the extra ports.


Quality is also one of the major factors that you need to consider in purchasing a power bank. Although high quality might mean that you have to be willing to spend more, this is the best choice to make. To identify quality power banks, always purchase reputable brands. Also, ensure that the supplier is reputable and they are not selling counterfeit products. In purchasing reputable brands, you are guaranteed that the power banks have been tried and tested.


Consider the quality of both the input and the output USB cables. Your ideal power bank should come with USB cables that can charge multiple types of phones. Additionally, the quality of the USB cable must match that of your charging device. They should be of a good thickness and length such that they do not compromise on the charging rate of the power bank. Also, it is important to check the charging current of your power bank’s charging cable. A good charging cable will have a minimum of 2A. The importance of this is to ensure that your power bank charges within a relatively short time.

There are a TON of power banks on the market right now. Read the best power bank reviews and this guide will tell you how to pick one for yourself.

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