Why Patio Umbrella Covers Are A Must-Have to Protect Your Investment at Winter


In summer sunshine, patio umbrellas provide you a shelter against heat and sun rays. But, in windy wintry weathers, they need your aid to survive, because such seasons can cause a great harm to them.

There are many ways to protect your patio umbrella against windy, stormy, rainy and snowy weather. For example, you can put them in your garage or stores when you feel that there are chances of bad weather, but that’s just a temporary safety measure. The best way to save them from cold breeze is to cover them in umbrella cover, which is a long lasting and easy way of protecting. Open umbrella readily caught in a single gust of wind that causes your expensive and beautiful umbrella’s destruction in just a second. On the other hand, a closed and covered umbrella does not come in such traps of gust.

Colorful and cheap covers do attract a lot. You can buy a lot fancy one, but I think that doesn’t the matter of consideration. But, the main thing that should be noticed while purchasing a cover is its fabric and its quality. There is variety of covers available worldwide, many of them do not cost you much, but when they start showing their real appearance after a couple of days then that costs your umbrella really much. You might hesitate while buying an expensive one, but remember one thing, it’s a matter of your house’s outdoor beauty. A good quality patio umbrella cover will help you to enhance your umbrella’s shelf life. Moreover, it will save your money too, because then you don’t have to replace your cover again and again.

Best quality patio umbrella covers have multiple layers. Waterproof vinyl layer helps you umbrella to remain dry in heavy rains, fleece backing on vinyl cover provides durability and resistivity against scratches in storms. Moreover, the UV layer helps your cover to withstand sunrays. They provide you a wide range of elegant colors that do not fade immediately and the covers are available in various sizes that fulfil your demand to a great extent. These covers are available in various shapes and forms. One more interesting features include the zip and unzip phenomena; with no difficult procedure you can easily uncover your umbrella when required.

If you’ve got a deck, you want a patio cover. A patio cover is a good addition and can make your patio look nice. It can be a good addition for your patio and is useful.

Patio Cover ships from and sold by Formosa Covers. 75″H umbrella cover fits 7ft to 11ft umbrellas. Heavy duty water resistant and UV treated polyester fabric. Heavy duty vinyl coated polyester 600 Denier x 300 with Zipper closure. You can have a wood or aluminium patio. Patio maintenance is good and important for your patio and patio. You can use wood or aluminium and both will preserve your patio. Aluminium’s a bit easier to maintain but wood is good also.

You can set and forget aluminium as it’s great that way. Requires almost no maintenance except for the occasional cleaning. That way it’s a great product. Wood’s got a better look but its harder to maintain. You want to seal a wood patio. Seal and stain every few years. Heat bleaches and aluminium outlasts. So in the summer in a place like San Diego these can be considerations. Woods a bit costlier than aluminum. So this is also a consideration. Also you need to think about the specific type to use. Perhaps easy maintainance is a more important consideration. UV protection is also important as you could be on your deck. Wood will absorb elements like water and sun and so this is a consideration.

Aluminium comes in a variety of covers. So you need to consider this facet. Size wise ours are 7 x 11. 75 inch and water resistant. So you need to consider this fact also. Durable wood has been chemically processed so you need to consider this. Water wont damage or rust your cover. Best is an aluminium cover in terms of preservation. Wood you can get redwood or other covers so you have a good choice that way. Really a close call between aluminium and wood. Plain wood is cheaper than an aluminum patio.

Hopefully, by buying a durable patio umbrella cover you will not catch up in the need of sewing your covers every year and you will be able to save your sheltering sky for your good days too.

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