Wilton 11104 Wilton Bench Vise


For home or work, the Wilton 11104 Wilton Bench Vise delivers reliable holding and securing capabilities for a broad range of different purposes. A multitude of parts and pieces can be secured for adjustments within the steady jaws of the vise’s machinery. This product offer a host of benefits:


This vice has been engineered from high durability steel, creating a heavy and sturdy product that will stand the test of time. It’s sound construction makes it a favorite for heavy duty projects and more delicate pieces alike.


This model boasts 4 inch long jaws that open to a 4 inch width. These jaws are toothed to prevent slippage and increase traction.

Swivel Base

The base of this vice is extra safe. The base has a double lock down system, making it one of the trustiest bases out there. The two locks ensure that both the base and your pieces always stay in place.

Work Surface

Not only is its base top notch, its top, too, is something to boast about. The construction provides plenty of work space on the flat, smooth anvil surface.

Easy Setup

The vice arrives ready to go almost immediately. With minimal setup, you can be using your vice almost instantly. The pieces are simple and functional. With minimal maintenance, the Wilton Bench Vise can last for ages.


  • 1. Heavy enough to provide support for items in the vice
  • 2. Strong, gripped edges to tightly clench objects
  • 3. Versatile size to accommodate a wide range of parts
  • 4. Easy to mount on surfaces for use
  • 5. Constructed of fine grade materials for maximum durability


The one downside to this product is that it comes covered in grease to help ensure the safety of the parts that often must be shipped from long distances. This is easily remedied with a cloth upon extracting the product from its packaging.

Customer Review

The Wilton 11104 Wilton Bench Vise provides more than enough support when I need to clamp something down in my shop. I appreciate the strong teeth on the grips that really clench objects and keep them from sliding. This little vice is a must-have for any home or even commercial workshop. I highly recommend it.

The Wilton 11104 Bench Vise is a solid and reliable workshop accessory with ample safety features and a versatile structure to suit many different needs. The vise is simple to assemble, easy to use, and a durable, high value choice.

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